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Handyman is a life saver. It’s so difficult to find time for fixing issues at home, especially in a busy lifestyle. We ensure that you have access to an expert with all the skills, tools, and know-how to sort out those problems. If you need support for a one-off project, or you have a damaged roof that needs fixing, you have come to the right place.

Handyman services near me!

BlossomCleaning is one of the leading handyman providers in Dubai. We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients by offering fast and reliable services. We are the best handyman services Dubai, UAE.

Our team has specialist electricians, plumbers, and masons who will willingly address any sort of problem. They can help you with all sorts of inside and outside repairs, maintenance work, and even renewal projects. Also, they can work on framing, roofing, siding, foundations, doors, windows, concrete surfaces, flooring, tiling, etc.

Also, we have carpenters who can help you with different wood-related projects.

Types of handyman


Finding the leak and repairing it can be more difficult than you may think. May be too much hard work for you to do but not a big deal for a professional plumber. We’ll send off a trained technician who knows what to check for and how to repair any leaks. Leaks would be under sinks, showers, toilets, and washing machines. The faster you address these issues, the slight damage you’ll go through.

Ceiling and partition:

Creating a brighter room or hall is one of the most common reasons for replacing a light fixture. To get maximum brightness, each room will need a different solution. Wiring and electrical labor are necessary for changing out a light. Some people may become worried. A handyman can quickly come out and install things

Drywall reconstruction:

There will be some dents and holes in your wall. Repairing drywall isn’t always tough. It does take an of talent and finesse to get it to come out correctly. That’s when things become a little difficult but this is a pretty easy job for a handyman.

Coat of paint:

Hire handyman services Dubai to help you with your painting job. We’ll likely finish the job far faster than you could. We’ll use fewer resources, which will save you money. The best part is that you don’t need to spend hours prepping the space to get this look.

Exterior improvements:

The outside of your home can be unnoticed at times. Because you don’t spend nearly as much time outside, it’s easier to postpone jobs that require to be completed. A handyman will be able to check your roofing shingles, light fixtures, siding, etc. If something has to be fixed, we know how to get it done fast.

Deck repair:

Outdoor spaces take a hammering over time due to bad weather. It does require some annual care and repairs. Deck repairs are time-consuming, but it’s good for some extra space.

Hvac system maintenance:

A defective HVAC system is one of the most problematic situations. To have your machine perform as smoothly as possible, we will see what’s functioning and what isn’t. This is a superb strategy to avoid an unlikable situation in your house.

Flooring improvements:

The whole floor replacement is a costly and lengthy job that may often be ignored with slight repairs. A handyman could most likely take care of all of these tasks. We can repair the issue area, avoiding the need to change the entire floor.

Repairing doors:

If a door is closed incorrectly, maybe it becomes damaged to the point where it no longer completes correctly. A trained handyperson will be able to check the situation and advise the best solution. Although the door is still in place, we will be able to make repairs.

Replacement of ten tiles:

The good news for those who have broken tiles, the fix isn’t hard or expensive with us. This is especially if you employ a trained handyman to complete the job. He will be able to remove and replace the broken tiles without causing more damage. Quickly restore those sections to their original condition.

Furniture assembly:

We can assemble any type of furniture you require, such as beds, workstations, bookshelves, and tables. They can also guide you with the construction of cabinet boxes or other fittings in your home

Pictures on the wall:

Hire a handyman to hang all of your memories on the wall. Especially if not having the right tools. These are the sort of jobs that bug you for an excessive amount of time. An expert handyman will be able to complete all of the tasks for you.

Smart appliances configuration:

Smart thermostats, virtual assistants, and video doorbells are just a few examples of how technology can make our lives more convenient. Setting them up and having them ready to use isn’t always simple. These gadgets require some labor to install them. Hire a handyman to carry out all of the installations.

Why choose us?

Fully equipped:

The handymen carry responsibility and have all the right tools to tackle any home repair task without any hassle.


All of our maintenance services are available in every area of Dubai.

100% guaranteed:

If you book a handyman Dubai from us, he would be fully dedicated to helping you as best as he can.


Our service rates are very competitive and we do not have any hidden charges.

Call us at +971556688433 to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We will be delighted to assist you in keeping your property neat and tidy all year long.