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Carpet cleaning experts

Expert carpet cleaners Dubai

Carpet cleaning experts in Dubai | Most people have carpeted floors, and it becomes very difficult for them to keep their carpets clean. The daily use of the carpets fades their color, and the dust penetrates deep inside the carpet. To keep your carpet look new and fresh even after the use of many years, you must get some premium Carpet cleaning services from New Blossom Cleaning Services LLC. We are the best cleaning company in dubai, that stepped into the market to serve you with the best cleaning services at reasonable prices. So, if you live in Dubai and looking for some best cleaning services, BlossomCleaning is always available to help you in this matter.

Reasons to choose us over others in the market

We exactly know that you must be thinking that there are so many options in the market that you can opt for getting some help from carpet cleaning experts then why you should choose us. That’s why we brought here some of the significant points that make us stand high in the market. Although we have so many competitors in the market, we never lose hope, and we keep up the good work. We are confident that we have the best staff with us which help us make our mark in the market.

Carpet-safe cleaning material:

The first thing that we are more than conscious about is the solvents and chemicals that we use for cleaning purposes. The rugs and the carpets are undoubtedly made up of stiff fabric, but sometimes, harsh chemicals also ruin that stiff fabric of carpet and rugs. But if you hire New Blossom Cleaning Services LLC, we guarantee you that the chemicals will never affect your carpets and rugs badly. We will only use fabric-safe solvents that will just remove the stubborn stains and dust particles so that your carpet looks clean and tidy.

Affordable prices:

Another reason for which people should choose New Blossom Cleaning Services LLC instead of any other option in the market is that we provide the best quality safe services at affordable prices. We never are a burden on the client’s pocket because we know that carpet cleaning is the basic necessity of every house, and if the prices are high, it would be difficult for the people to take services. That’s why we started providing sofa carpet cleaning Dubai at reasonable prices so that no one in Dubai feel it costly to get their carpets cleaned.

24/7 availability:

We know that people are more than conscious of knowing our working hours in Dubai because they are sick of waiting for the cleaning services company to open and respond to their messages. Put all your worries to dust because New Blossom Cleaning Services LLC keeps the mission to provide you all the best quality services 24/7. If you select us, you would never have to wait for a long time to get a reply, because we have a team that is always available to entertain your queries about our services and processes. So, stop wasting your time waiting for a response! Reach for us now, discuss your project thoroughly with our expert cleaners and get our premium services now!

Skillful staff:

Another most significant reason for which you must choose us over others in the market is our skillful staff. We are proud to have a family of highly professional and experienced staff. All our crew knows how to handle the cleaning process and how to make it super smooth and quick. We have the best people in our team, who always wins the trust of the clients with their professionalism at work and hard work. So, if you hire our services, New Blossom Cleaning Services LLC Dubai promises you never disappoint you in any way. What are you waiting for then? Reach for us right quick and get the help feom our carpet cleaning experts at reasonable prices!

Most frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning experts:

We all have some confusion whenever it comes to hire any services. Our team knows that you also have lots of questions popping in your minds about carpet cleaning near me services that we are offering. We received many questions, and of course, it was much difficult to put them all here, but we tried to cover the most significant ones, and here are some most important queries that you should know so that you can find your answers before hiring our services. With no further delay, have a look at the questions of the clients and the answers from our team!

Is your staff trained?

New Blossom, Cleaning Services LLC team, is proud to tell you that all the people we have in our crew are skillful, trained, and highly professional. It is because the quality is our legacy, and we never compromise the quality of the services that we offer. And this quality is only possible if we have the best crew. New Blossom Cleaning Services LLC is lucky enough to have the best people. You hire us, and we will show you how professional and trained staff we have for you!

What is the cost of carpet cleaning services?

There are certain factors that affect the total cost of hiring carpet cleaning experts. For example, the length of the carpet and the effort required to clean it. Of course, we have to send the carpet cleaning staff accordingly. That’s why we can’t give you a fixed amount here. But one thing we can promise is that the costs are reasonable enough that everyone can easily afford them. We won’t put a burden on your pocket because we know that maid is a basic need and we won’t make it difficult for you to get for you!

These are certain things that we thought every buyer must know before reaching us and hiring our best cleaning services in Dubai. Of course, not everyone has the same questions, so please let us know through our 24/7 available customer support if you do have some other ones. We are all ears!

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Babysitting Services

Babysitting services Dubai

Attention, all the working women out there! We know that the most important concern you have is your kids and who will take care of them while you are at work. We know that all the working women are careful about their kids and they want to get some trustworthy people for their kids’ babysitting services Dubai. It becomes difficult for the working moms to hand over their kids to the new maids because they don’t want to trust anyone in this case. Our babysitting services dubai are top class and handled by professionals who know all o baby needs.

New Blossom Cleaning Services LLC is here with its amazing babysitting team who knows how to take care of your kids when you and your partner is at work. It is not a problem anymore to find the best people in Dubai who you can trust when it comes to your kids. We all love kids and that’s what makes us the best provider of babysitting services Dubai.

What are the qualities that make our team the best providers of babysitting services Dubai?

We know that there are some other companies also who are offering the same services in Dubai and people want to know what makes us different from the rest of the market. We knew that you guys must be concerned about our services and we are here to elaborate on the qualities that make us the best babysitters ever! With no further ado, let’s have a look!

Reliable babysitting services Dubai:

A babysitter is a person who is going to be with your kids all the time when you’re not at home. That’s why a babysitter must be more than reliable and trustworthy so that your kids stay safe even when you are not around them. A babysitter has to be reliable enough so that you can handover your kids’ growing years to that person with the confidence that she will never ruin your kids’ childhood.

Undoubtedly, the market is full of people who are offering baby sitting in Dubai, but the most important thing is the reliability, which they don’t guarantee you. Nobody in the market is ready to take the responsibility of anyone by guarantee the reliability of babysitters. But New Blossom Cleaning Services LLC in Dubai is the best place where you will always get reliable babysitters for your kids. We can promise a better brought up of your kids even when you don’t have enough time to be with your kids for some reason.

Prepared babysitters:

Another quality that makes our babysitters the best option in Dubai is that our babysitters come with new activities for your kids every day. The team exactly know how to take care of your kids without letting them get bored when you are not around to play with them. Our babysitters are trained and professional and they have multiple ideas for games, crafts, and other amazing activities that make your kids happy in your absence. These activities will help your kids learn new things in their childhood, and in this way, their childhood will be as amazing as it would be with you. Our babysitters always have some plans for the situations when your kids get bored of the repetitive activities. So, the right time to get benefit from our professional babysitters is now! Reach for us and get a friend-like teacher for your kids!

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Experienced babysitters:

Handling a baby in the absence of a mother is not a piece of cake. Of course, it requires a lot of effort to divert the kid’s attention to some healthy activities so that the kid doesn’t miss his parents. Babysitter Dubai is more than challenging, for it is much more than just feeding the baby. It is all about taking care of the baby as the mother would. Babysitting is all about handling the baby’s mood swings with no offence.

It is all about understanding the baby when he/she is not able to speak. Can you imagine how difficult it can be for anyone? Experience is something that can help a babysitter handle everything perfectly. We are so proud to tell you that we have the best and experienced staff that will take care of your kids as their own. So, put all your worries to dust, and let us help you bring up your kids in your presence!

Ability to take charge as the best babysitting services Dubai:

The next most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you should always choose the person who is ready to take the charge. Babysitting is not only handling your kids when you are not around, it is actually about teaching them, manners. It is much more than just spending some time with your baby.

So, you always need to be more than careful while hiring babysitting services in Dubai for your kids, because your kids will learn what the baby sitter teaches them. We are so delighted to tell you that we have an amazing crew to provide you with amazing babysitting services. These people have the ability to take the charge and they are always ready to benefit you with their professionalism.

Attentive and loving:

Another most important thing that you have to look forward to in a babysitter is that he/she must be very attentive and loving towards your kids. The person who isn’t loving at all, will not be able to build up amazing chemistry with your kid. And this situation will create troubles, not only for you but for your kids and the baby sitter also. Kids only love to be with the person who is caring, and polite to them. So, our baby sitters also know how to win your kids’ heart. If you hire our babysitters, I can bet that you won’t regret your decision ever. We will take care of your kids in such a way that you won’t have any complaints about them.

Finale words:

These are certain reasons that make us the best babysitting services Dubai. What are you waiting for then? New Blossom Cleaning Services LLC is there in the ground to help you get the best services! Reach for us by any means and get rid of all the worries!

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Additional cleaning services

Multiple cleaning service provider

Additional Cleaning Services | Blossom Cleaning is a professional deep cleaning company in Dubai offering low rates & a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Along with all kinds of general cleaning services in Dubai, we also provide the following Additional Cleaning Services.

Pool Cleaning Service

Swimming pool cleaning services in Dubai are required to maintain your pool clean and in good working order. It may be tempting to do your own pool cleaning, but this may be time-consuming because simply skimming the pool for a few odd leaves and adding the appropriate chemicals to the water isn’t the best method to go about it. By choosing a competent pool maintenance company in Dubai, you can be certain that your pool will remain in top shape and that the water quality will remain good, clean & sterile.

Water Tank Cleaning Service

Because contaminated water is one of the top causes of sickness across the world, it’s critical to clean your water tank. You wash your teeth and clean your house with the water from your water tank, even if you don’t drink it. This is why you and your family need to ensure that the water flowing out of the tank is of the greatest possible quality at all times. Our experts in this regard can be a great help.

Window Cleaning Service

Cleaning your Dubai home’s windows may be a time-consuming and physically demanding task. While everyday window washing is reasonably simple, complete cleaning necessitates more effort because it includes both the outside and inside. We’ll need a professional external window washing business for this. That is why, in Dubai, we provide a professional outside window washing service.

Curtain Cleaning Services

Curtains and blinds are not only ornamental but also useful in your home or business. They assist to filter light and heat while also giving the impression of more space in a room. Pollen and other airborne particles are naturally attracted to curtains and drapes. They must be washed at least once in 6-months to a year. Hence, we can provide you with an adequate service leaving your curtains clean, smooth, and aromatic.

Ac Duct Cleaning Service

The studies say that indoor air is five times more harmful than outside air. We spend about 95% of our time indoors in an air-conditioned room. Dust mites, bug feces, and other contaminants can be found in filthy ducts, which can be toxic to our respiratory systems. Therefore, a frequent AC duct cleaning can save us from Allergies and asthma

Our experts can be a helping hand and can clean and disinfect the whole space with 100% eco-friendly chemicals. 

Disinfecting And Sanitizing Services

Cleaning the floor and surfaces with water and soap is insufficient to maintain a healthy environment. To kill hazardous bacteria, you must cleanse and disinfect. In Dubai, we offer full sanitization and disinfection services for homes, workplaces, and warehouses. We only utilize items that have been approved by the Dubai municipality. We also educate all of our employees on the government’s cleanliness, health, and safety regulations.

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Why is it important to seek help from professionals for cleaning your home?

Professionals home cleaning services Dubai

Did you have any idea that the normal mop utilized for cleaning the floors contains a greater number of microbes than a latrine? This comes from everyday life including pets, and kids, and this demonstrates a home can become unhygienic regardless of whether you are doing the cleaning without anyone else. You might be having a tight timetable in your normal life and perform Home Cleaning Services after you arrive home from work. Furthermore, there are things you would appreciate doing that incorporate investing energy with your family, planning supper, and significantly more.

Luckily, there is a basic answer for making your life more straightforward, whether you are using up all available time to clean, or on the other hand on the off chance that you think cleaning isn’t intended for you, recruiting home cleaners in Dubai will be the answer for making your life such a great deal simpler. In addition, they will leave your entire home spotless, even the difficult-to-arrive-at regions you profess not to see.

Reasons to hire cleaning services

Peruse on to investigate the reasons you should enlist home cleaning services Dubai.

Better environment

 Keeping a better climate in the house assists with managing pressure and keeps you and your family more joyful and better. The hurtful airborne microorganisms and mess can create over the long haul and cause sensitivity to you and your loved ones. Particularly for those individuals who experience the ill effects of sensitivities and other respiratory illnesses. Additionally, these individuals will observe their sicknesses get deteriorated by being in an unhygienic climate. Employing home cleaners in Dubai will guarantee a more secure residing space and don’t lead your home with the result of being perilous to well-being.

Save time for yourself

We as a whole realize that time is cash, and getting home cleaners in Dubai can assist you with saving time. The cleaners will oversee all that is connected with cleaning regardless of whether they will deal with the kitchen wreck. Accordingly, they let loose a ton of time so families can invest energy in different exercises. While you’re recruiting an expert, one of the fundamental benefits is accommodation. Recruit extend to professional cleaning services in Dubai to do tiering positions like vacuuming, cleaning up, and tidying, you’ll have more opportunities to enjoy with your family or accomplish something more beneficial at work.

Productive cleaning service

The cleaning system is significantly something beyond vacuuming ceaselessly, with a little cleaning up and vacuuming every so often. Those precarious badly arranged places need more degree of consideration. Proficient home cleaners in Dubai have the right devices and ability to successfully clean your home from start to finish, making your residing space safe and microbes-free. With the experience, they will clean each part by picking the right technique to stay away from any harm to your home machines. Furthermore, they could improve the occupation of cleaning in an insignificant time, contrasted with when you do the cleaning.

Greater flexibility

Employing professional home cleaning services in Abu Dhabi is entirely adaptable regardless of whether you are functioning proficiently. You can pick the time allotment you need because of the accessibility, effectively changing the timetable to what in particular works best for you. In any case, if you are searching for a month-to-month profound tidy or a short tidy-up a couple of times each week, you don’t need to pursue an unbendable agreement. This is the best arrangement you could get assuming that you are requiring a quick requirement for profound cleaning, or simply need some additional assistance connected with cleaning.

Get appealing deals

If you are thinking about recruiting home cleaners in Dubai, you may don’t need to buy costly cleaning supplies. That incorporates a vacuum cleaner, mop, pail, clothing, defensive wear, and thus substantially more. What’s more, when you recruit a home cleaner in Dubai, you likewise get hardware and cleaning supplies notwithstanding the individual. This will assist you with setting aside cash and time every month since you won’t ever need to purchase costly supplies in the future from the shops. Likewise, you can utilize the extra room you have been utilizing for putting away cleaning supplies.

Have additional benefits

More often than not when we do all the cleaning without help from anyone else, we regularly do very little and scarcely go past to or do the additional upkeep occupations. Home cleaners in Dubai then again, don’t simply be spotless and dust. They are available to do floor covering cleaning, bedding cleaning, and whatever is connected with cleaning. Furthermore, specialists can finish the occupation in insignificant time, which can be helpful and save time.


We comprehend that life can get going, and it might get more earnest to do all errands in the house without help from anyone else. Getting some assistance with cleaning is smart, particularly assuming you are thinking about an expert home cleaner in Dubai, which will assist you with keeping a perfect and sound climate. Allow our best maid service Dubai to deal with the cleaning work in your home so you can invest more energy with family or companions.


Keeping your home office clean

Home Office Clean

Office Clean Services Dubai | We all know how important it is to stay inside during these days. If you are fortunate enough to work from home, you may have noticed an increase in traffic to your workplace recently. You must endeavor to maintain this space tidy; else, things can quickly spiral out of hand.

Cleaning your devices

Start sanitizing your Office Clean equipment if you took it with you for the quarantine days. Cleaning your devices before placing them in your working space is vital not only to avoid coronavirus but also to avoid other bacteria and dirt.

Computer and equipment:

We’re not sure why or how, but the screen is constantly dusty, no matter how frequently you clean it. When cleaning the screen, avoid using strong chemicals. Cleaning kits for displays are available. You always have vinegar on hand if you run out of that alternative. Fill a spray bottle halfway with white vinegar and half with purified water. The easiest way to avoid damaging the screen is to use a microfiber cloth.

When you switch off your computer, you can see if the screen is clean or not, but when it comes to the equipment, you’re fighting an invisible foe. Many of us make the mistake of overlooking our keyboards. Please accept our apologies for informing you that your keyboard is filthier than your toilet. It doesn’t imply the dirt isn’t there just because you can’t see it. Clean it regularly to avoid dirt and bacteria. If you can disconnect it, that’s fantastic; if not, don’t panic; there are other options. To get rid of big dust or food clumps, turn them upside down. You may get rid of the trash using a little vacuum.

Instead of using liquids directly, wipe your keyboard with a moistened towel soaked in cleaning liquid. You may also clean your mouse with a wet cloth.

Cell phones:

Nobody realizes how much bacteria and germs are contained in our mobile phones. If you go out for any reason and have your phone with you, you should disinfect it as soon as you get home, especially nowadays. Even if the situation isn’t dire, you should office clean your phone regularly if your hands are frequently hooked to it. If you need to sanitize your phone, use disinfectant wipes followed by a dry cloth. Baby wipes are an excellent alternative if you just require frequent cleaning.


These days, earbuds are like parts of your body because of extended conference calls and working remotely. If you don’t clean your earphones periodically, they might become harmful. Earbuds are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, and if they aren’t cleaned regularly, they might endanger your ear’s health. It would be great if we could just wash them to remove everything, but since that isn’t feasible, we propose mixing dishwashing soap with water. Apply a tiny quantity of the mixture on a soft cloth. If your earphones have detachable silicone covers, you’re in luck; the covers can be simply washed.

Working space:

Having a clutter-free working area will make things easier. Less dust would accumulate, and cleaning would be easier. Additionally, having less stuff will allow you to concentrate on your task.

You may arrange a via to relax your mind and forget about the latest events, allowing you to focus on your family and business. You stay at home and are safe, and it continues to serve you every day.


What is the best way to hire a house cleaning service in Dubai?

Hire a house cleaning service in Dubai!

You’ll probably be thinking these days that you want to get that house mended and then clean it, just to have it seem much worse than it did before. When you want to clean your property fully and swiftly, the only option is to contact home cleaning services. That have it in their DNA to clean your home immaculately. You may now be perplexed as to how to select a house cleaning Service, but fear not; there are aspects to consider that will help you make an informed selection.

Best way to hire a house cleaning service in Dubai

The price:

You may believe that hiring a house cleaning service is an unnecessary luxury. Which is beyond your price range, but this is a misconception that is unfounded in reality. The maid service firm provides maids at a very reasonable fee, and they generally work on an hourly basis. You should go through the websites of many firms or enquire about their hourly rates, and then make your pick once you’ve found one that fits your budget.

The individuals:

When you hire a house cleaning company to come in and clean your home, you should ask if the people performing the cleaning are properly trained for this sort of work. Many firms will have inexperienced maids in charge of the cleaning. So seek home cleaning companies with a lot of expertise performing this type of work. These businesses will hire maids who have prior experience or have had their experience handed down to new hires.


You can seek references from others who have used a house cleaning service and had a positive experience. There are various people you may approach and request a testimonial from. You should inquire about the pricing, the attitude of the maids, and the cleaning time, among other things. For all of these testimonies, your neighbors and family members are a fantastic place to start. You may also go to internet forums and inquire for testimonials from others who have used these maids and have had a positive experience with them.


You may also request a face-to-face meeting with them so that you can learn more about the organization firsthand. There are several house cleaning firms eager to demonstrate their worth to you to gain your trust. Calling these businesses and asking to meet them will be received with enthusiasm. They will send a representative to your location so that you can speak with them and get a sense of how excellent they are at cleaning and how they conduct themselves.


Finally, consider the services that they provide. So that you may have the cleaning done as well as a variety of other deep cleaning services. A house cleaning business will not only provide cleaning services for houses but will also provide other services. That will enable you to have the choice of not only keeping your home clean and tidy but also making it ready for a special event and having your personal needs met. As a result, consider the services provided as a consideration when selecting a house cleaning business.

All of the aforementioned factors should be considered to make the best choice for a house cleaning business that will provide you with a spotless home.