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Additional cleaning services

Multiple cleaning service provider

Additional Cleaning Services | Blossom Cleaning is a professional deep cleaning company in Dubai offering low rates & a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Along with all kinds of general cleaning services in Dubai, we also provide the following Additional Cleaning Services.

Pool Cleaning Service

Swimming pool cleaning services in Dubai are required to maintain your pool clean and in good working order. It may be tempting to do your own pool cleaning, but this may be time-consuming because simply skimming the pool for a few odd leaves and adding the appropriate chemicals to the water isn’t the best method to go about it. By choosing a competent pool maintenance company in Dubai, you can be certain that your pool will remain in top shape and that the water quality will remain good, clean & sterile.

Water Tank Cleaning Service

Because contaminated water is one of the top causes of sickness across the world, it’s critical to clean your water tank. You wash your teeth and clean your house with the water from your water tank, even if you don’t drink it. This is why you and your family need to ensure that the water flowing out of the tank is of the greatest possible quality at all times. Our experts in this regard can be a great help.

Window Cleaning Service

Cleaning your Dubai home’s windows may be a time-consuming and physically demanding task. While everyday window washing is reasonably simple, complete cleaning necessitates more effort because it includes both the outside and inside. We’ll need a professional external window washing business for this. That is why, in Dubai, we provide a professional outside window washing service.

Curtain Cleaning Services

Curtains and blinds are not only ornamental but also useful in your home or business. They assist to filter light and heat while also giving the impression of more space in a room. Pollen and other airborne particles are naturally attracted to curtains and drapes. They must be washed at least once in 6-months to a year. Hence, we can provide you with an adequate service leaving your curtains clean, smooth, and aromatic.

Ac Duct Cleaning Service

The studies say that indoor air is five times more harmful than outside air. We spend about 95% of our time indoors in an air-conditioned room. Dust mites, bug feces, and other contaminants can be found in filthy ducts, which can be toxic to our respiratory systems. Therefore, a frequent AC duct cleaning can save us from Allergies and asthma

Our experts can be a helping hand and can clean and disinfect the whole space with 100% eco-friendly chemicals. 

Disinfecting And Sanitizing Services

Cleaning the floor and surfaces with water and soap is insufficient to maintain a healthy environment. To kill hazardous bacteria, you must cleanse and disinfect. In Dubai, we offer full sanitization and disinfection services for homes, workplaces, and warehouses. We only utilize items that have been approved by the Dubai municipality. We also educate all of our employees on the government’s cleanliness, health, and safety regulations.