How often should I clean the appliances and equipment in my commercial kitchen?

How often should I clean the appliances and equipment in my commercial kitchen?

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchen necessitate a lot of activity daily and a lot of equipment. With so many things going on in the kitchen, keeping it pristine may be a challenge.

Clean your commercial kitchens!

The requirements for food hygiene in a commercial kitchen are quite high. As a result, there are several things you must do before, during, and after each shift to ensure compliance with the different laws and regulations.

There are no excuses when it comes to keeping a clean kitchen, especially now that the latest Covid-19 epidemic has arrived. The Dubai Municipality’s health inspectors are threatening to shut down unsanitary kitchens and levy hefty fines.

Sanitize and clean commercial kitchen appliances regularly. Following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for each piece of equipment. Keeping note of which areas of maintenance should be left to specialists. By understanding their warranties is one of the most critical ways to maintain a commercial kitchen clean.

Deep Cleaning a commercial kitchen involves a checklist that must be performed every shift – before, during, and after each shift, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even annual.

Cleaning schedules fluctuate from one piece of equipment to the next. Although various cleaning processes are necessary for different areas of your kitchen. Typically, the appliances that are used the most and come into close touch with food. It should be cleaned the most often.

Every day, wipe clean all kitchen equipment and appliances, both inside and outside. It is strongly advised that all equipment be checked and examined every month. Hiring a cleaning service will relieve you of the burden since they will be able to analyze appliance damage and faults.

Although there are numerous kitchen cleaning firms in Dubai, only a handful are customer-focused and provide proactive cleaning services. 

Get help from the professional cleaning services in Dubai

We are a disinfection and sanitization service certified by the Dubai Municipality. That delivers the deep clean your commercial kitchen needs to be safe. within legal restrictions and can safeguard your premises for up to 10-14 days.

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